Watch my love
Objective: to attract the maximum number of audience to the film, because it is social movie and draws the attention of viewers to the life of deaf and hearing impaired people.
About the film: The romantic story comes out in the Russian theaters on April 11 and due to the touchingness of the plot, the colorful views of the Crimea, and also, thanks to the dynamic scenes of sports battles, it will appeal to both female and male audiences.
MMA fighter Alexander, whose role is played by Oleg Gaas, meets the girl Dina, played by Daria Beloded, who cannot hear and communicate with others through lip reading.
Social networks and Youtube
Popular bloggers told about the movie.

In addition, we have an active targeted advertising 15-second video on Youtube.

Started active targeted advertising on Instagram. Also here we hold contests dedicated to the film.

Advertising of the film launched on the market platform in the social network Vkontakte.
Film support

The film actively supports the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation represented by the Obryvalin S.G.

The film also supports the All-Russian Society of the Deaf, which has representation in 82 regions of Russia.

The film was supported by the FSBI SCCO FMBA of Russia, who also noted that the film has an important social character, attracts the attention of viewers to the problems of deaf and hearing-impaired people, whose social adaptation is largely limited.
Media, Radio, TV

Tickets for the film will be played live on various radio stations in several cities in Russia, as well as the actors who have played the main roles in the film will tell about it on live radio broadcasts.

We are negotiating with the editors of major television shows.

Our information partners are:
Magazine "ESTET",
Newspaper "Sobesednik",
Information portal "Rewizor" and others.
Festivals and premieres

The film was presented at the VII Moscow Film Festival "Let's live", became the winner of the festival and took the First place in the nomination "Full-length fiction film". The prize for the best role was given to Daria Beloded, who played the main character.

The film was presented at the film screening of the Kino Expo international forum in St. Petersburg.

In the framework of social project was held a special show on the International Day of the Deaf on September 30, 2018.

The film was shown on December 4, 2018 in the State Duma of the Russian Federation with the support of State Duma Deputy Natalya Petrovna Sanina.

We are also negotiating a series of premieres in early April 2018 in several cities in Russia.
Beast of Burden
Objective: to attract Daniel Radcliffe's fans to watching a movie in cinemas in Russia.
Work with fans of Daniel Radcliffe
First of all, our team has posted posts in groups dedicated to the Harry Potter universe and the creativity of Daniel Radcliffe on the social network VK - about 10 groups. We were greatly helped by the team that leads the largest VK group in Russia dedicated to the work of Daniel: Gorgeous Daniel Radcliffe.
Advertising in social networks

Popular bloggers such as Denis Optimisster, Vika Kisimyaka and others told about the movie.
Our team also launched targeted ads on VK and Instagram, placed posts on the VK market platform and on popular cinema pages.
Daniel recorded for us the first video message, where he spoke about the upcoming contest, the winners of which will be able to talk with him on Skype. See the video below.
Competition "Talk on Skype with Daniel Radcliffe"
On August 13, 2018 in our Instagram we played the opportunity to "Talk on Skype with Daniel Radcliffe". The winners were 3 people who already on August 14 were able to get in touch with their idol. Emotions went off scale, tears of happiness appeared in the eyes of the participants, for a long time they did not want to let go of their idol, asking and asking him questions. But Daniel was in no hurry to leave, continuing to please the fans with answers. You can find a small video report from this event below.
Instagram's Competition

On August 16, 2018, our team announced a second contest on Instagram, the winners of which will receive diaries with a personal autograph of Daniel.. Our team specifically met with the team of the actor, to transfer the diaries for the signing. Now diaries on the way to their owners. Soon we will post a photo report.
About 800 people took part in the competition. Daniel also recorded a video message, where he talked about the competition and video message for the participants of Ykt Geek Fest 2018.